After-Sales Support and Services

  • After-sales service and support provided in collaboration with Machine Craft Co.
  • Experienced, safety and factory-trained technicians with a broad range of skills.
  • Vast international resource pool to assist when needed.
  • U.S.-based factory-technicians allow for fast response for service and support across North America.
  • Located near Boston, with direct flights to many major cities from Logan Airport.
  • Additional direct-factory technicians dispatched if required.
  • Manufacturing expertise allows for assistance with process selection, tooling selection, programing and inspection methods.
  • Maintenance plans available. Critical spare parts kept on-site
  • Remote diagnostics and support available via web-conferencing.

Machinery Specialties

Standard Machinery List:

  • Multi-Task Vertical Turning Lathes Up To 10+ Meter Swing (Custom tailored to customer requirements)
  • Multi-Task Horizontal Floor Mills Up to 7 Meter Vertical (Custom tailored to customer requirements)
  • Gantry Mills
  • Rotary Tables
  • Horizontal Mill Turns
  • Custom Railroad Machinery
  • Custom Machining Solutions of ANY Size and application

Notable Custom Features Available:

  • True and Virtual “Y” axis machining capability on VTL’s
  • Facing heads up to 138” for horizontal floor mills
  • Fully customizable tool/head changers
  • Fully Hydrostatic Guides

Customized New Builds and Machine Rebuilds

  • New machinery designed and manufactured by BOST Machine Tools Company.
  • Specializing in Multi-task Machinery for improved productivity.
  • Robust and flexible design  /  Highest technology  /  Top of the line components.
  • Experienced team of machinery design engineers, manufacturing engineers, electrical engineers, control specialists and programing experts.
  • Emphasis on R&D, including in-house machine and concept testing.
  • Located in Basque region of Spain with close access to top of the line machine-component manufacturers.
  • Unique ability to collaborate with customers to develop dedicated products.
  • Turn-key installation 
  • Complex rebuilds and upgrades to new specifications.
  • Can include re-manufacture or redesign of components. 
  • Mechanical upgrades to overcome previous design flaws.
  • Complete control system upgrades.
  • Optional upgrades, such as: automatic tool changers, head changing systems, enclosures or custom features to assist with specific manufacturing process.